New sections have just been rebuilt on the Pian Marino trail (marked with a red cross +). It’s been a while since this trail could not be easily ridden, especially on the way up from the area of Pian Marino towards Cà de Cia.

In fact, this trail can be ridden both ways, with a double function:

Pedal up from Finale Borgo to San Rocco Church (between Carbuta and Feglino).

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Climbing up this way, you can avoid the main road to climb towards the NATO Base, and enjoy a great view on the way up. On the first section, you climb following an ancient road, the so called Strada della Regina or Via Beretta (photo above), built in 1666 by the Spaniards, to make possible the journey of Princess Marguerite Teresa of Spain. She had to reach her fiancé, the Austrian Emperor Leopold Ida, and to get married. This is one of the many evidences that show how our ancestors fought against the difficult territory to move from one place to the other, and how this territory was connected to the rest of Europe.

Climbing this road you can also see other extraordinary artifacts: in order of appearance: San Giovanni Castle, Govone Castle, San Eusebio Church and Cinque Campanili Church (photo).

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Back at our beloved activity (mountain biking!), on the way up you can also reach some of the greatest trails of this area! The first you find is Neanderthal trail, stage 2 of Enduro World Series race in 2014. You can leave Pian Marino trail half way and connect to the last section of Pino Morto trail, and finish your ride down in Feglino. Once the Pian Marino trail is done, you have different options: if you reach the Cà de Cia group of houses, you can ride the new and super fun trail Oribago, heading down to Feglino. Or climb another 2 kms and reach Cà Bianca and Little Champery trails, which head down to Feglino as well. Or keep climbing on the tarmac road and head to the top of the mountain, so you can reach the well known NATO Base trails, and get ready for a long ride down.

Ride Pian Marino trail on the way down. Coming from the NATO Base you can almost ride all the way down to Finale Borgo without even touch the road… nice, isn’t it?!

If you want to download the GPS tracks of the trails above mentioned, visit our Track List page or see our Interactive Map. You can also contact one of our guides from HERE, and organize a guided tour around our beautiful area and trails.

To sum up, we would like to thank the Riviera Outdoor Bike Shop crew (Luca, Ricky and Davide) for the work they’ve done!

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