TOP 5: Enduro Stages of Finale Ligure!

In 6 years, FinalEnduro has always taken place on a different race track, which highlights the huge variety of trails that Finale Ligure can offer to all riders. In these 6 editions, athletes have put themselves to the test in as many as 16 Special Stages scattered throughout Finale Ligure's backcountry, each one of them requiring different riding skills.

Here's our TOP 5!!!

#1 Madonna della Guardia vs Cacciatore

Born from the union of two trails situated in Calice Ligure's backcountry, this is probably the most complete Stage from an athletic point of view.
It is a very long track which goes from an enjoyable and fluid first section to a technical and challenging second part.
It is also a mixed-terrain track, as the first part in the underbrush is followed by some nice rocky stretches which require a cool head and strong nerves.

Madonna dell Guardia VS Cacciatore - Il tifo forsennato per Marco Aurelio Fontana Madonna della Guardia VS Cacciatore - Jared Graves durante lEWS

Passionate cheering for Marco Aurelio Fontana (On the left: Ph. Matt Wragg) and Jared Graves during the EWS (On the right: Ph. Matt Wragg)

#2 Manie Mania

This track is the extended version of the well-known "DH Donne", with the addition of a part of Finale's 24 Hours trail starting from Bric dei Corvi.
It's a must in winter given its southern exposure and its well-draining ground, which makes it possible to enjoy a ride even on the rare rainy days.
Besides, this Stage has by far the best views.

Manie Mania - Tutto il finalese davanti ai propri occhi  Manie Mania - Traversando sopra la spiaggia di Varigotti

A breath-taking view of Finale and its backcountry (On the left: Ph. Matteo Cappè) and Riding above Varigotti's beach. (On the right: Ph. Matteo Cappè)


#3 Vacchè

One of the most fascinating trails in the San Bernardino plateaux, it is a complete Stage for the Enduro as it alternates between 3 different styles of riding.
A fluid and enjoyable first part serves as a fun warm-up for the technical and harder central section. The final part is faster and it goes through the wonderful small town of Lacremà. What a beautiful track!

Vacchè - Curva insidiosa sopra Lacremà  Vacchè - La parte iniziale è un single track immerso in una lecceta

A tricky turn wih a view of the sea, just above Lacremà. (On the left: Ph. Simon Cittati) and A single track surrounded by a holm-oak wood. (On the right: Ph. Matteo Cappè)


#4 Briga

There are two versions of this Stage, left-wing Briga and right-wing Briga.
No politics involved, though! It only has to do with the direction you choose at the first fork.
Both of the tracks are great, but while right-wing Briga, which is the longest one, alternates between technical and more rideable sections, left-wing Briga is much faster and more enjoyable on the whole.

Briga di Sinistra - Vista Mare traverso sopra Finapia Briga di destra - Sullo sfondo labitato di Verzi e Rocca di Corno

Left-wing Briga – A view of the sea above Finalpia (On the left: Ph. Matteo Cappè) and Right-wing Briga – The small towns of Verezzi and Rocca di Corno on the background (On the right: Ph. Matteo Cappé).

#5 Dolmen Trail

This Stage is named after a majestic Megalithic Dolmen which rises above a section of the track. It is the historical Stage of the FinalEnduro!
Completely surrounded by a holm-oak wood, Dolmen Trail is a very intense Stage, and some of its rocky stretches have to be approached carefully.

Dolmen Trail - Il Campione del Mondo Jerome Clemenz affronta la mulattiera finale  Dolmen Trail - Marco Rodolico piega in un tornante

The World Champion Jerome Clemenz entering the final mule track. (On the left: Ph. Matt Wragg) and Marco Rodolico leaning his bike in a 180 degree turn (On the right: Ph. Matteo Cappè).


Do you want to get back on the exciting race track of the Superenduro? We have drawn a short-version Gps track and made it available to all Enduro bikers.
Short Gps Enduro Track 



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