Where the pros are riding

Have you been riding on Finale Ligure's trails recently?

If you have, then you must have met some of the most famous and awarded champions "strolling" on Finale's trails in order to make tests, shoot videos or simply train themselves...

Why do they choose Finale Ligure?

Last year we collected some opinions of champions who took part to the 24H or the Superenduro...

Here's what they think about us, our cuisine, our trail network and our accommodation facilities....

Jessica Douglas: 

"We stayed here for 7 days and it was great.

You have a view of the sea from the race track and sometimes I thought to myself "you'd better not look...". But it was amazing. Australia doesn't even come close to that, it was just wonderful.


Marco Aurelio Fontana likes Finale Ligure too. In an interview he gave during Finale Ligure's Enduro World Series he highlights the fact that you can always find somehing new in Finale and its surroundings, expecially when it comes to country paths and trails. Even though his season was over, he decided to spend his holidays in Finale just to have some fun on the trails!


Anka Martin also praised our territory...

"It's a little piece of heaven!" 

When we asked her: "What's your plan for the weekend?", she answered excitedly: 
"Oh my God, we started by tasting some great food and wine. Later we had a swim in the sea and now we're going to ride on some country trails.
This is a little piece of heaven!
We had never been here before and we definitely want to come back..."

We will be waiting for them and we will do our best to ensure they enjoy ounce again such a beautiful experience as the one she narrated on her blog:




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