Where can I take some wonderful pictures?

When people ask us which is the best itinerary they can follow to take beautiful pictures, we often recommend an itinerary with a view of the sea.

Maybe it's because the pictures that made Finale Ligure so popular on magazines from all around the world show that beautiful contrast between the trails and the blue sea!

Given its geographical and environmental characteristics, some people consider Finale Ligure an Alpine locality that is touched by the sea. That's why we think the sea is the key element that makes Finale stand out from other MTB destinations.

manie-vista-mare dh-donne-tramonto


However, you only have to travel for about 10 kilometers towards the backcountry to realise that the sea isn't the only distinguishing feature of this territory. This will allow you to see Finale from a new and exciting perspective!

A melting pot of history, culture, sea, nature, people, villages, events and colours...

Getting back to the initial question about the best trails for taking pictures, the answer is not easy and it depends mostly on your personal taste.

Finale is a place full of hidden treasures, a tourist destination whose beauty hasn't been fully discovered yet.



Just go to the San Bernardino or to the Manie plateau and you will immediately realize you're in a land full of history.

A history that is told by prehistorically inhabited caves, mule tracks built in ancient times to facilitate the exchange of goods, castles and ancient villages made of stone houses.

These places really have a special charm to them.

san-bernardino-bike  grotta-finalese-mtb


But even the nature is gorgeous in Finale! And as only a few kilometers separate the littoral from the alpine vegetation, you'll find so many kinds of landscapes in just a small portion of land.

In just one All Mountain Tour, starting from Finale and leading to the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri, you will be able to ride through the Mediterranean maquis, follow a single track surrounded by holm oak woods and pine groves and take a brake for a pic-nic in a meadow with flowers and butterflies. Then you can go back on track in the shade of the chestnut trees, pass through one of the biggest beechwoods of the region and finally find yourself on a mountain top with a view of both the sea and the Alpine Arc.

In the evening, looking back at the pictures taken during the day, you'll feel like having been to at least five different places...

pineta-finale-ligure melogno-mountain-biking


At the end of your MTB tours, you'll find that even Finale's town center can be a great source of inspiration for your photographic compositions!

All the ancient neighbourhoods of Finale, namely Finalmarina, Finalpia, Finalborgo and Varigotti, are litterally full of picturesque glimpses.

finalmarina-mtb  finalborgo-rider



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