Finale Ligure's 24 Hours - A worldwide success!

24 ore di Finale Ligure - Un successo Mondiale!

Finale Ligure's 24 Hours 2014 has been sold out just a few weeks after the opening of entries! The first 24H in Italy is the only 24H competition that keeps growing year after year!
Indeed, it is considered one of the most presigious 24 hours in the world: after the WEMBO World Cup held in 2012, Finale Ligure will host the European SOLO 24H MTB Championship, which is going to give worldwide exposure to this year's competition.

All kinds of riders and MTB lovers are expected to come from all around the world! After all, the 24H is not just a competition but also a true MTB Festival that makes bikers of different disciplines come together to celebrate their common passion: the bike itself!

We've asked riders their opinion about the success of this event: according to them, these are the 5 things that make Finale Ligure's 24H an absolute must that you shouldn't miss.

#1 The Race Track


The race track of Finale Ligure's 24H is the perfect blend of all Finale's trails, thanks to a succession of breathtaking single tracks. It is considered to be one of the most exciting race tracks among all european 24H competitions. Asphalt is not present at all and the boring dirt roads that can be found in other endurance contests are replaced by winding trails and amusing "toboggan" trails.

#2 The Panoramas


The Finale Ligue's 24H race track offers a lot of charming glimpses and spectacular wide views from the rocky cliffs overhanging Finale Ligure's coast. The trail reaches the best observation points in the area, which allow a view of all the plateaux of the backcountry, from the Ligurian Alps to the Mediterranean Sea.
On clear winter days, Corsica seems so close that you can touch it with the tip of your fingers! You'll have to be caeful not to be distracted by such a marvellous landscape if you don't want to lose the trail!

#3 The Participants


An essential part of the event, something that makes it an unmissable happening, are the participants themselves!
Thousands of people gather every year on the Manie plateaux, brought together by a common passion: the Mountain Bike.
Riders come from all over the world, including world champions who want to put themself to the test, as well as beginners who just want to have fun with their friends. It is a truly unique mix, and this huge variety of bikers taking part to to the same event brings back the true spirit of the Mountain Bike, that is bringing people together.

#4 The Party


People coming together equals big party time. And Finale Ligure's 24H has a special stage for that!
Music has always played a central role inside this sporting event: every year the race track passes by a stage where some bands play live music, so that at every lap everyone can be a star!
Athletes rather have a pint of beer than an energy booster, and the atmosphere is always funny thanks to a the theme party that takes place in every edition.

#5 The Tourist Destination


Unlike other similar contests, Finale Ligure's 24H offers a lot of opportunities for those who travel with the athletes. While the competition unfolds, their families will find themselves in a perfect location to enjoy a beautiful week's holiday.
The sea, the backcountry paths leading to archeological sites and medieval castles, the historical villages and the excellent local cuisine make Finale Ligure the ideal destination for a wonderful holiday dedicated to outdoor activities, culture and relax.


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