C.I.P.S. - The Trail Watchmen

Who are the CIPS?

Comitato Indipendente Pulizia Sentieri!

Which means Independent Committee for Trail Cleaning

A great idea! A dream... that is finally coming true!

The C.I.P.S. were created in 2012 with the aim of keeping Finale Ligure's trail network in a perfect shape.

And their mascot is a robin!

logo cips 

Do you remember the tv series CHIPs? It told the story of Poncherello and Baker, who patrolled the streets of California on their motorbikes! They were Bike Patrols!
And just as they did, this robin constantly patrols our trails in order to keep them safe and clean for the riders who come to Finale Ligure every year.

Our Bike Patrol is one of a kind: his aim is to bring everybody under his wing so that Finale Ligure can shine like a diamond!

The members of the CIPS have done a great job in the last few years, but they need your support to keep up the good work!

You will find news about them on this website, but don't forget to follow them on their Facebook page as well!https://www.facebook.com/CipsFinaleLigure

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